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At Inis Escargot we pride ourselves in having one of the largest successful Snail Farms in Ireland.

From establishing our farm in 2015 we have since tried and tested many different methods and are now currently using a method that WORKS!!! We have also taken almost 50% labour from many of the processes and procedures, this is the key to a sustainable Snail farm. The course is designed to help people move from their existing job and gradually transition into Snail Farming whether it be full time or part time. We have found that starting up gradually works best to maintain low risk, both financially, physically and emotionally.

Following the completion of the course you will have the knowledge and information needed to take the next step

Total price of course €300 | Final payment due 14 days before start date


Our Course covers:

🐌 Snail farming systems and infrastructure
🐌 The Farming Process & management
🐌 Daily running of a Snail farm
🐌 Markets
🐌 Transitioning from current job to full time Snail Farming
🐌 Methods that work & methods that DONT WORK!!!
🐌 Pros & cons of the different methods
🐌 Sales and purchasing
🐌 Full farm walk throughout the course
🐌 On completion of your course you will have all the relevant information
needed to decide if a career in Snail Farming is suitable for you.
🐌 Slideshow package on completion of your training. (Stages, start-up costs & materials list included)

🐌 Course Cost
Our course costs €300 with a 50% deposit required on booking.

Course dates can be rescheduled 14 days before the booking date.

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Friday 8th March

16 reviews for Snail Farm Training(On Farm)

  1. Peter

    kevin mcintyre:
    Great facilities and a great learning environment, would definitely recommend for someone to do!

  2. Peter

    Dezi Farrelly
    Fantastic to see the set up ,great to see it up close and live well worth a visit ,Peter very knowledgeable and great at explaining the whole concept

  3. Peter

    Philip Doherty
    Fantastic training day with Peter would strongly recommend it to anyone thinking about snail farming

  4. Peter

    Della Mc
    Had a fantastic experience at Inis Escargo farm today.Definitly would recommend Peter if you are thinking of getting into Snail Farming. Well worth a visit

  5. Peter

    Paddy Carolan
    Excellent course ran by Peter. Everything you need to know if your starting up a snail farm and there to be seen on his farm. Great set up.

  6. Peter

    Pat Hayes
    Fantastic to see the business develop since year 1 to now. Well done Peter, you are innovative in your approach and have developed a thriving business that is really worth going to see in person

  7. Peter

    Juan Monroy
    I can’t find enough words to say how delighted l was… and how well received l felt at Inisscargot After moving from Spain, 30 years ago, I finally found a company, producing “top notch” scargot here in the heart of Cavan.
    But not only nice scargot…, but wonderful ones and organically grown…., what else can anyone ask for!! Furthermore l had the chance to see by myself the way everything is done…, which is very reassuring. Well done man !!!!
    I wish you Peter, and your team the best of luck. My wish for you (& me) is to be able to see the availability of the snails in the regular supermarkets.

  8. Peter

    Tony OReilly
    I recently attended a training course at Inis Escargot. I was highly impressed by the whole event. Peter’s ambition and passion for the industry was quite humbling. A very impressive enterprise, started and turned into a success with practically no guidance. Inis Escargot is just warming up for bigger and better things to come.

  9. Peter

    Derek lynch
    A really innovative and inspiring farm with a great team working hard to ensure success. Would highly recommend. Peter is so knowledgeable and willing to help. He explains his system and processes very well and answered all my questions.

  10. Peter

    Ger Costello
    It’s a unique experience and highly recommend a visit to this snail farm. Peter was very friendly and knowlegable about all things “snail” and eager to show us around and kids loved the experience even got to visit some of the sucklers on the farm too! Fantastic day out. Wish you every success!

  11. Peter

    Elizabeth Carolan
    The farm demonstrates a great visual on the development of integrating the existing suckler farm with the layout of the snail farming infrastructure. Excellent practical approach to experience first hand how a farm or small grounds can transform into this exciting new form of farming in Ireland. It is clear to be seen that Peter has a passion for what he does and wants to share his knowledge and experience in snail farming. It is definitely worth a visit to Inis Escargot

  12. Peter

    Raymond Cunningham
    I just completed the Inis Escargot course, I would highly recommend it, Peter is very knowledgeable about all the different stages involved in snail farming and provides very practical know how in an easy to understand and implement way.

  13. Peter

    Shane Kelly
    Peter really knows everything there is to know about snail farming. He offers some fantastic courses on his website for on-site and virtual training. If you’re looking for more information on this Inis Escargot is the place to go.

  14. Peter

    tom mc donagh
    Fantastic training course at Inis Escargot with Peter,found it so informative and helpful. Peter really has such knowledge about snail farming and is so willing to pass that knowledge on to help us avoid some of pitfalls.

  15. Peter

    Jane Carolan
    A fantastic learning experience at Inis Escargot Farm . Peter has worked hard over the years to fine tune the processes in snail farming, has shown success with snail sales and now he has devised and is willing to share the blueprint for others considering this type of farming. Peter gave me a great starting point to get my farm going. Sustainable farming and healthy ethical food production is our future and Inis Escargot is a fine example of this. Snails also taste delicious which initially surprised me. I recommend the Inis Escargot training course. I will be returning.

  16. Peter

    Jean Cunningham
    Had the opportunity to go on the course at inis escargot and and delighted I did. Found Peter a mind of information and extremely helpful. Got a true insight into snail farming. Came away with a lot of information and an eagerness to hopefully set up my own snail farm. For anyone thinking about going into this type of farming I would definitely recommend Peter. Continued success to inis escargot

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