Snail Farm Training (Virtual)


At Inis Escargot we pride ourselves in having one of the largest successful Snail Farms in Ireland.

From establishing our farm in 2015 we have since tried and tested many different methods and are now currently using a method that WORKS!!! We have also taken almost 50% labour from many of the processes and procedures, this is the key to a sustainable Snail farm. The course is designed to help people move from their existing job and gradually transition into Snail Farming whether it be full time or part time. We have found that starting up gradually works best to maintain low risk, both financially, physically and emotionally.

Following the completion of the course you will have the knowledge and information needed to take the next step

Total price of course €150


Our Course covers:

🐌 Snail farming systems and infrastructure
🐌 The Farming Process & management
🐌 Daily running of a Snail farm
🐌 Duration
🐌 Consultation package
🐌 Sales and purchasing

🐌 Course Cost

Our virtual course costs €150

Course dates can be rescheduled 14 days before the booking date.


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